Nigeria: 10 Fun Facts

  1. Nigeria is a country in West Africa and its capital city is Abuja.
  2. It shares borders with 4 countries: Niger in the north, Chad in the north-east, Cameroon in the south east and Benin in the west.

3. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and 7th most populated in the world, with 214m people as at 2021.

4. it’s longest river is River Niger at 4,100 km long. The country’s name is derived from the river.

5. The country’s currency is the Naira. As at 2021, Nigeria has the largest economy on the African continent.

6. Nigeria’s national animal is the eagle and its national motto is “Unity and faith, peace and progress”.

7. Nigeria’s official language is English and it is estimated that 63% of Nigerians aged 15 and over are literate.

8. The country does not have any official religion but its population is roughly equally split between Christians and Muslims, and only about 2% belonging to other religions.

9. The country’s national colours are green and white, and its national day is on 1st October (Independence Day).

10. Nigeria’s National Anthem is “Arise oh Compatriots”.

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