The Robot Takeover is Already Here!

The robot takeover won’t happen as previously imagined. In fact it’s already here e.g. since 2020 robots have rapidly replaced human labour in the commercial cleaning industry.

A range of Cleaning Robots running on the Brain Operating System (Brain OS)

Brain Corp, which creates core technology in robotics, recently announced that from 01 Oct 2020 to 01 Oct 2021, automated robotics usage increased greatly across several industries, especially hospitals at +2,500% and education +426%.

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), which can easily map / navigate semi-structured environments, are now prolific in industries like logistics (ferrying packages around warehouses) and grocery stores (scanning shelves to give retailers data driven insights on merchandise).

Braincorp’s Autonomous Delivery Robot for Factories and Retailers

Cleaning robots have been around for a while; companies like Brain Corp have been refining the tech via AI software that allow autonomous robots to operate in new, changing environments, plus advanced sensors, which have fallen in price as AMRs proliferate.

A cleaning robot

In the case of Brain Corp’s BrainOS-powered fleet of autonomous mobile robots has just reached 100 billion square feet of coverage, a significant milestone that the company estimates is equivalent to 6.8 million hours of human work, and which represents the square footage of the entire commercial space in the USA.

Another Autonomous Robot at work

The same mechanisms driving automation in commercial cleaning are pushing development in spaces like fast food, where burger robot Flippy is becoming a viable cooking option for fast food chains, and window washing, where autonomous robotic arms can perform one of New York City’s most iconic jobs.

Jarvis the robotic butler working at the Grand Hotel, Sunnyvale, California

It’s a sign that the robot revolution isn’t coming. It’s already here!


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