NIGERIA’S FX BAN: Norway Lobbies for Removal of Stockfish From List

The Norwegian Government through its Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy, Hon. Bojmar Skjaran, has called on Nigeria to remove stockfish from the list of 43 items restricted from accessing foreign exchange.

Stockfish in Oyingbo market, Lagos, Nigeria

Speaking at a sensitization and awareness seminar on food safety organized by the Norwegian Seafood Council in Lagos, Skjaran said inclusion of stock fish on the list has made it more difficult for Nigerian importers and Norwegian exporters to trade the commodity.

According to him, stockfish is an important part of the businesses and culture of Norwegians, adding that the trade in the commodity dates back hundreds of years.

Norwegian Fishermen catching skrei cod in the arctic sea

Similarly, Mr. Lein Knut, the Norwegian High Commissioner to Nigeria, urged the Nigerian government to remove stock fish from the FX ban list.

The Norwegian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr. Lein Knut

Stockfish is a dried cod product that constitutes Norway’s longest sustained export commodity.

Stockfish under preparation in Norway

It can also be produced from saithe (pollock), tusk and haddock.

Unsalted cod dried by cold air and wind on wooden racks on the foreshore, called hjell

Stockfish is very popular in Nigeria, Italy, USA, Croatia, UK, Sweden, Canada and France.

Stockfish festival in Camogli fishing village, Liguria, Northern Italy
A ready-to-eat African dish of Stockfish


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