RENEWABLE ENERGY: Korea to invest $12.4m for Solar Mini-grids in Nigeria

The South Korean Government plans to invest $12.4m (₦5.1 billion) for construction of solar mini-grids in Nigeria. This was announced by Mr Kim Young-Chae, Ambassador of Korea to Nigeria.

Mr Kim Young-Chae, Ambassador of Korea to Nigeria

Ambassador Young-Chee said, “The project to be implemented by KIAT (Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology) was designed to meet rising energy demands of rural communities, by constructing solar power generation systems in cooperation with the Nigerian government.

It involves construction of mini-grids in non-electrified rural communities near Abuja, to ensure stable supply of power, installation of transmission and distribution lines, supply of electric equipment and systems, and training for operation and maintenance of mini-grids.”

Rural solar mini-grid

The Project Manager, Mr Kim Dohyoung, said the project would begin with project-design April 2022 and extend till December 2024 and will be delivered in cooperation with relevant Nigerian government agencies and local businesses.


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