DID YOU KNOW (13)? Today 22Feb22 is a Very Special Day!


  1. The date 22022022 is a Palindrome (reads the same forwards and backwards).
  2. The date 22022022 is also an Ambigram (reads the same upside down e.g. on a calculator).
  3. The last palindrome date was on 11 Jan 2011 i.e. 11/1/11.
  4. The next palindrome date will not come until 03Feb2030 i.e. 03022030.
  5. The last palindrome day of this century will be on a leap day 29Feb2092 i.e. 29022092.
  6. This special line-up for number 2 will nor take place again until 200 years’ time (i.e. 22Feb2222 or 22/2/2222)!

Google celebrated the day very specially. Type 22/2/22 in Google search bar, press ENTER key, and your screen will be filled with confetti / bunches of twos, followed by the message “Happy Twosday 2You!”

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