DID YOU KNOW (18)? Nigeria Is Now Exporting Fertilizers!

On Tuesday 22 March 2022, history was made in Nigeria when President Muhammadu Buhari inaugurated the new $2.5bn Dangote Fertilizer Plant located in Lekki, Lagos State.

With capacity of 3 million metric tonnes, it is the largest Granulated Urea Fertilizer complex in Africa and 2nd largest in the world.

The plant occupies 500 hectares of land in Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lagos, Nigeria.

The company says the capacity of the plant will be expanded to produce multi grade fertilizers in order to meet soil, crop, and climate-specific requirements for the African continent.

Dangote Fertilizer’s production capacity is twice the current level of fertilizer consumption in Nigeria, which is 1.5m metric tonnes per annum. Fertilizer exported from the Dangote factory has now reached various African countries as well as Brazil, India, and Mexico.

Before the commissioning of the Dangote plant, Indorama Eleme Fertilizer & Chemicals Limited (IFL) in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, was the largest producer of granular urea in Sub-Saharan Africa and it was commissioned in 2016.

During construction, the Dangote Fertilizer complex provided approximately 5,000 direct and indirect jobs in all categories plus an additional 5,000 jobs within the host community. It has also created 500 permanent jobs.

The complex consists of a Captive Power plant comprising 3 Steam turbine Generators each of 40 MW capacity totaling 120 MW, and 3 Auxiliary boilers for 40 ATA steam generation of 200 TE capacity each.

The new factory will help Nigeria to save at least $125m per annum via import substitution plus $625 million via Fertilizer exports from the plant.

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