NAIJA POETRY 21: The New Nigerian

Chosen for a reason
In a season
Not by the dozen
But individually
To be born
A Nigerian
One who can run
Through the thorns of life
Without being cut
By its spikes
Into a family
By a parent
Who will not relent
Making fervent prayers
For the child
In anticipation
Of the tribulations
That lay ahead

The New Nigerian:
One with talents
Silent but efficient
More active than motives
Helping to live
Above the perception
Of corruption
Making him strong
With a song
Above the spiral trials
Of the general material beliefs

The New Nigerian:
One who chose to oppose
The misconceptions
Of the strives of life
Living a purpose driven life
And being juxtaposed
From the affairs
Of the wicked
Through dwelling
In the secret place
Of the Most High God

The New Nigerian:
One who goes
Against the law of gravity
Moving beyond escape velocity
Living in the sensitivity
Of the spirit
Going in the right direction
Of Righteousness and True Love
Facing his challenges Head-on
With strength
From the Almighty God

Are you this New Nigerian?

AUTHOR: Babatunde T Ogunsiku; born in Nigeria.

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