NAIJA FAUNA 2: Anambra Waxbill

The Anambra Waxbill is a type of finch and it has the scientific name Estrilda poliopareia and is found majorly in Nigeria (with a few other sightings in Benin Republic).

It is specifically found in the wetter lands of southern Nigeria, and its estimated global extent of occurrence is 38,000 sq km. It was discovered by Reichenow in 1902.

It is about 12 cm long, lives in small flocks of up to 20 birds or more, feeds principally on grass seeds, and is usually found in long grass along rivers, marshes, lagoon sandbanks, swamps and forests.

It is listed as a “Near Threatened” species i.e. one which has been categorized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as being vulnerable to endangerment in the near future, but does not currently qualify for the threatened status.

No specific conservation action is currently being conducted for this species.

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