DID YOU KNOW (24)? NIN Registrations Now 80.6m Within 19 Days After SIM Ban

The Nigeria Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has now issued 80.6 million National Identification Numbers (NINs).

This has happened exactly 19 days after the NIMC deactivated 72 million telecom subscribers on 04 April 2022, for failing to comply with the Federal Government’s NIN-SIM linkage policy.

On 04 Apr 22, about 72.77 m active telecommunication subscribers were barred from making calls following enforcement of the Federal Government’s SIM-NIN policy.

At the time of implementing the policy, 125 m subscribers had linked their NINs to their SIMs, while 78 m NINs had been issued.

Nort-West = 20.56 m
North-Central = 13.59 m
North-East = 9.96 m
South-West = 20.23 m
South-East = 6.87 m
South-South = 9.34 m

ALL – NIGERIA = 80.6 m

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