OPEN She is a vagrant poem,a cautionary tale,an old story,an open book. Her belly opensand pages fly from it.Words fall to feet,letters flood the floor,questions mark her steps. Like Sylvia, she straddles,and stumbles. Who will put her backtogether again‌What will bind herand bring her to a close‌ AUTHOR: Lola Shoneyin (in full, Títílọlá Atinúkẹ́ Alexandrah Shónẹ́yìn);Continue reading “NAIJA POETRY 25: Open”

NAIJA TO THE WORLD: All 9 LL.M Graduands @ UCalgary Are Nigerians!

Nine Nigerians have bagged the master of laws (LL.M.) from the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A dean at the University, Ian Holloway, announced this via his Twitter page, and also lauded the fact that all the LL.M. graduands are Nigerians. “This is cool. We have 9 students graduation with their LLMs today.Continue reading “NAIJA TO THE WORLD: All 9 LL.M Graduands @ UCalgary Are Nigerians!”

NAIJA POETRY 23: A Walk on the Plateau

A Walk on the PlateauBarkin Ladi, near Jos, Nigeria 1walls of cactuses, a dark path:an invasion of shadowsannounces identities of armsand whispers shedding names, the womenmelt into shadows into lights,blooming, like melons – voices and shadowsa happy hysteria – benita’s bar ladi’s night is wrinkledwith cold, importunate, prolonged,hiding behind the reigning rocks –a divided view,Continue reading “NAIJA POETRY 23: A Walk on the Plateau”

NAIJA POETRY 22: Praise For The Inner Lining Of My Morphing Apparel

THEME: Some countries give new meaning to dress codes, not only dictating what their citizens wear, but also enforcing strict measures with fines and imprisonment— Fashion Police(s). Satin worn past twelve is buttoned satire. all that glam spent, unstarching uniform grains. low-waist silk & the sagging yarn, both heavy with polymer sweat. mother sow cottonContinue reading “NAIJA POETRY 22: Praise For The Inner Lining Of My Morphing Apparel”

HEALTH 2: Types of Exercise To Improve Health & Physical Ability

There are 4 types of exercises:1. Endurance2. Strength3. Balance4. Flexibility Research has show it’s very important to get all these 4 types of exercise, because each has different benefits. 1. ENDURANCE EXERCISESThese are usually called “aerobic” exercises. They increase breathing and heart rates. They help keep you healthy, improve fitness, and help perform daily tasks.Continue reading “HEALTH 2: Types of Exercise To Improve Health & Physical Ability”

NAIJA POETRY 21: The New Nigerian

Chosen for a reasonIn a seasonNot by the dozenBut individuallyTo be bornA NigerianOne who can runThrough the thorns of lifeWithout being cutBy its spikesInto a familyBy a parentWho will not relentMaking fervent prayersFor the childIn anticipationOf the tribulationsThat lay ahead The New Nigerian:One with talentsSilent but efficientMore active than motivesHelping to liveAbove the perceptionOf corruptionMakingContinue reading “NAIJA POETRY 21: The New Nigerian”

AMAZING WORLD 1: Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

The 7 Wonders of the ancient world were very impressive artistic and architectural constructions in ancient times that were viewed with amazement. They are listed below: 1. GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA IN EGYPT (AFRICA) This is the oldest in the list and the only one still standing today. It was constructed as a sepulchre forContinue reading “AMAZING WORLD 1: Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World”

NAIJA POETRY 19: I Am Leah Sharibu (abridged)

Dedicated to Leah Sharibu the Christian girl still in Boko Haram Captivity, and to all other captives who have not been rescued I am Leah SharibuI am NigeriaI am a captiveTaken from my homeAway from love and careNow I live in fearIn the midst of the unknownI am Leah SharibuI am Nigeria I am LeahContinue reading “NAIJA POETRY 19: I Am Leah Sharibu (abridged)”