NAIJA POETRY 26: The Child Before A Mirror of Strangers

As if you were never here before,As if you have forgotten that you wereWhat we are, but you, self-betrayedRaise walls of deafness to deflectPleas of innocence. As if the world youTaught has lost its axis, ceased to spin..As if you have forgotten when you watchedEntranced, the dance of leaves on stream currents,Your image wobbling inContinue reading “NAIJA POETRY 26: The Child Before A Mirror of Strangers”

ODD WORLD: 27 Passengers Crammed Into Over-speeding Keke (Tricycle)

When the police in the Indian town of Fatehpu in Uttar Pradesh state stopped an over-speeding tuk-tuk (auto-rickshaw or commercial tricycle, which is called a “Keke NAPEP” or “Keke Marwa“ in Nigeria), they were shocked at the incredible sight that met their eyes. When the police tried to flag down the Keke for over-speeding, theContinue reading “ODD WORLD: 27 Passengers Crammed Into Over-speeding Keke (Tricycle)”

FOOTBALL: Golden Eaglets Qualify For 2023 U-17 AFCON After Comeback Win

Nigeria’s Golden Eaglets have qualified for the Year 2023 Under-17 Africa Cup of Nations in Algeria, after defeating Côte d’Ivoire 3 goals to 1 in the first semi-final of the WAFU B tournament in Ghana. The goals came via two free-kicks from Emmanuel Michael in the first half, and a header from Abdullahi Idris inContinue reading “FOOTBALL: Golden Eaglets Qualify For 2023 U-17 AFCON After Comeback Win”


OPEN She is a vagrant poem,a cautionary tale,an old story,an open book. Her belly opensand pages fly from it.Words fall to feet,letters flood the floor,questions mark her steps. Like Sylvia, she straddles,and stumbles. Who will put her backtogether again‌What will bind herand bring her to a close‌ AUTHOR: Lola Shoneyin (in full, Títílọlá Atinúkẹ́ Alexandrah Shónẹ́yìn);Continue reading “NAIJA POETRY 25: Open”

NAIJA POETRY 22: Praise For The Inner Lining Of My Morphing Apparel

THEME: Some countries give new meaning to dress codes, not only dictating what their citizens wear, but also enforcing strict measures with fines and imprisonment— Fashion Police(s). Satin worn past twelve is buttoned satire. all that glam spent, unstarching uniform grains. low-waist silk & the sagging yarn, both heavy with polymer sweat. mother sow cottonContinue reading “NAIJA POETRY 22: Praise For The Inner Lining Of My Morphing Apparel”

SPORTS: Floyd Mayweather Arrives Nigeria To Promote His Dubai Match

45-year old boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather has arrived Nigeria ahead of his return to the ring in Dubai on 14 May 2022. He landed at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja in his $60 million private Jet in the evening of Sunday 08May22. This is only his second visit to Africa, following his 2014 trip toContinue reading “SPORTS: Floyd Mayweather Arrives Nigeria To Promote His Dubai Match”

NAIJA POETRY 21: The New Nigerian

Chosen for a reasonIn a seasonNot by the dozenBut individuallyTo be bornA NigerianOne who can runThrough the thorns of lifeWithout being cutBy its spikesInto a familyBy a parentWho will not relentMaking fervent prayersFor the childIn anticipationOf the tribulationsThat lay ahead The New Nigerian:One with talentsSilent but efficientMore active than motivesHelping to liveAbove the perceptionOf corruptionMakingContinue reading “NAIJA POETRY 21: The New Nigerian”

NAIJA POETRY 20: No Go Do Pass Yourself!

You cannot help everybodyYou cannot save everybodyYou cannot be the hero/heroine of everybody Surely you have good intentions towards peopleFor sure you have that zeal to help people But you know what? Not everyone in need of help can actually be helpedNo matter what!Just do your best to your very bestAnd leave the rest NoContinue reading “NAIJA POETRY 20: No Go Do Pass Yourself!”

NAIJA POETRY 17: Say Me A Prayer

If in my sleep tonight I cut the ropesAnd hear not the bell that wakes the daySay me a prayerThat all may carry my songs to darkCorners and sing light to their sight.That the dusts which gather at my feet mayPaint pious portraits on all walls. Say me a prayerThat my hands may once againContinue reading “NAIJA POETRY 17: Say Me A Prayer”