HEALTH 4: Benefits of Cashew Nuts

The cashew nut is kidney-shaped and approximately 2.5 cm long. It consists of an edible kernel surrounded by two shells. The scientific name for the cashew nut is Anacardium occidentale. In Nigeria, it is called by various local names:Kaju (in Yoruba)Kashu (in Igbo)Fisa (in Hausa) SOME HEALTH BENEFITS OF CASHEW NUTS1. Helps weight loss. 2.Continue reading “HEALTH 4: Benefits of Cashew Nuts”

NAIJA FAUNA 2: Anambra Waxbill

The Anambra Waxbill is a type of finch and it has the scientific name Estrilda poliopareia and is found majorly in Nigeria (with a few other sightings in Benin Republic). It is specifically found in the wetter lands of southern Nigeria, and its estimated global extent of occurrence is 38,000 sq km. It was discoveredContinue reading “NAIJA FAUNA 2: Anambra Waxbill”

NAIJA FAUNA 1: Sclater’s Monkey

Also known as Sclater’s guenon or Nigerian monkey, it has the scientific name Cercopithecus sclateri and is found only in Nigeria. It was first described by Reginald Innes Pocock in 1904 and was named after Philip Sclater, an English lawyer and zoologist. The monkey is found in several areas between the Niger and Cross RiversContinue reading “NAIJA FAUNA 1: Sclater’s Monkey”