NAIJA ABROAD: Nigerian Doctor Named One of Canada’s 50 Most Influential People

Nigerian-born Chika Stacy Oriuwa has been named one of Canada’s 50 most influential people. She came 37th on the Macleans power list (a ranking of Canada’s most influential). Her parents, Stephen and Catherine Oriuwa, emigrated from Nigeria to Canada in the 1980s. She was raised in Brampton and graduated as sole valedictorian of her class,Continue reading “NAIJA ABROAD: Nigerian Doctor Named One of Canada’s 50 Most Influential People”


OPEN She is a vagrant poem,a cautionary tale,an old story,an open book. Her belly opensand pages fly from it.Words fall to feet,letters flood the floor,questions mark her steps. Like Sylvia, she straddles,and stumbles. Who will put her backtogether again‌What will bind herand bring her to a close‌ AUTHOR: Lola Shoneyin (in full, Títílọlá Atinúkẹ́ Alexandrah Shónẹ́yìn);Continue reading “NAIJA POETRY 25: Open”

NAIJA STORIES 6: Nigerian Man Drives Burning Fuel Tanker To Safety

On Friday 10 June 2022, a major fire disaster was averted at Agbarho along the East-West Road, Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State when Mr Ejiro Otarigho drove a burning petrol tanker to safety. He eventually drove the burning tanker almost 500 metres, then jumped out before it completely went up in flames.Continue reading “NAIJA STORIES 6: Nigerian Man Drives Burning Fuel Tanker To Safety”

NAIJA POETRY 24: Your Vote Counts!

YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Nigeria the land our fathers fought foris now a place where ours leaders are reaping from.The masses are being exploited by the same people they elected into power.The youths are now left with no jobs.Graduates are forced to become thugs and criminals all becausethey have no other means of survival. Nigeria hasContinue reading “NAIJA POETRY 24: Your Vote Counts!”

NAIJA TO THE WORLD: All 9 LL.M Graduands @ UCalgary Are Nigerians!

Nine Nigerians have bagged the master of laws (LL.M.) from the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A dean at the University, Ian Holloway, announced this via his Twitter page, and also lauded the fact that all the LL.M. graduands are Nigerians. “This is cool. We have 9 students graduation with their LLMs today.Continue reading “NAIJA TO THE WORLD: All 9 LL.M Graduands @ UCalgary Are Nigerians!”

NAIJA POETRY 23: A Walk on the Plateau

A Walk on the PlateauBarkin Ladi, near Jos, Nigeria 1walls of cactuses, a dark path:an invasion of shadowsannounces identities of armsand whispers shedding names, the womenmelt into shadows into lights,blooming, like melons – voices and shadowsa happy hysteria – benita’s bar ladi’s night is wrinkledwith cold, importunate, prolonged,hiding behind the reigning rocks –a divided view,Continue reading “NAIJA POETRY 23: A Walk on the Plateau”