Puzzler: Crossword No 1

Solve this Puzzle and win free airtime!

1st person to submit the correct solution will be rewarded with N1,000 GSM airtime; the 2nd person wins N500 airtime.

1. Follow Naijaphilia Blog by filling your email address in the appropriate space at the bottom of this page, then confirm the subscription from your email.
2. Print the puzzle (or copy with a pen) & fill the correct answers, then scan your solution to: naijaphilia1960@gmail.com
3. This is open only to citizens and legal residents of Nigeria.
4. Entries close once all prizes have been won, or at 5 pm GMT Tuesday 21Dec21 (whichever comes first).
5. All answers to this puzzle can be found in previous post(s) on this blog.


1. Founded Esie town in 1770.
3. They colonized Ghana.
6. Home to the first museum in Nigeria.
9. Place where artifacts are kept.
10. Neighbouring town of Esie.
11. Group of trees.

2. Local name for Dracaena arborea.
4. Leo Frobenius, the German _________.
5. Tribe living near confluence of The Niger & Kaduna, predating the
7. School inspector at CMSN.
8. Predominant dialect of Esie.
12. Adjective relating to site excavation/ artifact analysis.

Congratulations to blog reader Annie (0708xxxx088) who submitted this Crossword. She has won N2,000 airtime!

2 responses to “Puzzler: Crossword No 1”

  1. Good evening.

    Is this puzzle still active?



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